Anicca AdWords Training Boot Camp – Book Now For February 2018

Pay-per-click (and particularly Google AdWords) has become so complicated that a 2-day course is just not enough to grasp the basics of setting up and managing your PPC in-house. The Anicca AdWords Training Boot Camp is an extensive mixture of taught classroom sessions and practical workshops. Our MD Ann Stanley, who will lead the classroom sessions, is an experienced lecturer in PPC who has been teaching and running pay per click campaigns for over 10 years. You’ll also get to meet some of the the Anicca team who manage accounts daily, drawing on their expertise in specialist areas tips and tricks to running and maintaining accounts for the long term. We are now running our PPC Training Boot Camps every three months at our central Leicester office.

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PPC Training Course dates 2018

  • February 2018 – Monday 19th February to Friday 23rd February

Course fees

Designed to be flexible, you can pick between the different combinations of training days to ensure you get the training you want, and need! Leicester 

  • 1 day = £300 excl. VAT (any day)
  • 2 days = £550 excl. VAT
  • 3 days = £750 excl. VAT
  • 4 days = £900 excl. VAT
  • 5 days = £1,000 excl.  VAT (Monday – Friday)
  • 10 days = £2,000 excl.  VAT

The flexible workshop programme

The first day of these intensive hands-on workshops start with “PPC for beginners” – with an introduction to all the different PPC techniques, how to open a new AdWords account, as well as how to use the keyword planner tool. Day 2 -5 is where we take both the newbies and more experienced delegates through the practical and more advanced processes in setting up and managing your account (with day 5 being how to set-up and use Analytics). This format allows you to choose to join us for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days, depending on your current level of experience.  We have recently added more practical sessions, to ensure you go away after 5 days with the experience you need to manage your account yourself.

Build your own campaigns during the optional 5-days of supervised sessions

We have opened our doors of our Leicester office for an additional 5-days, so that you can set-up your own campaigns.  Our technical team will be here to help you every step of the way, which ensures that you put into practice what you have learnt (before you return to your day-job).
You can also opt to sit in on a schedule of supervised revision sessions – these should give you enough experience to sit your Google AdWords Fundamentals exam on day 10.  This qualification is often the minimum requirement for starting a career in AdWords and will be a great asset on your CV!   ****100% pass rate of Fundamentals exam in all our previous AdWord boot camps!******   Intrigued? Then keep reading to see more details on what is covered on each day of our AdWords boot camp. Also note that we run regular 5-day SEO boot camp!  

PPC Boot Camp – agenda:

Day 1 – Introduction to pay-per-click and doing keyphrase research

  • An introduction to Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, what it is and how it works
  • An overview of the main PPC techniques
  • Setting up Google AdWords
  • Opening your AdWords account
  • Using the Keyword planner tool
  • Practical session on opening an account and keyphrase research

Day 2 – Understanding ads and landing pages and using the AdWords dashboard

  • Introduction to creating and testing Ads
  • Ad extensions
  • Reviews and stars
  • Introduction to creating and testing Landing pages
  • Using the AdWords dashboard
  • Practical session on creating ads and ad extensions

Day 3 – Planning and creating your campaigns and a practical session on using Google AdWords Editor to create single keyword Ad groups

  • Understanding AdWords reports
  • Planning your campaigns
  • Site reviews to help plan your campaigns (practical)
  • Using AdWords Editor to create SKAGS (practical)
  • Campaign settings and options

Day 4 – Understanding the principles of quality score and how to optimise and manage your account and an introduction to advanced AdWords techniques

  • Introduction to Quality Score
  • Understanding optimisation processes
  • Managing your budget
  • Bid management and bid modifiers (enhanced campaigns)
  • Practical – Assessing the Quality Score of your account (using pivot tables)
  • Practical – Using the weekly optimisation checklist
  • Introduction to advanced techniques (including Shopping ads, Remarketing, Display Network)

Day 5 – Google Analytics and AdWords conversion tracking

  • Setting up conversion tracking and linking AdWords to Analytics and other accounts
  • Is your Analytics set-up properly?
  • Understanding the key metrics in Analytics
  • Further configuration and customisation e.g. ecommerce tracking, goals and funnels
  • Using Analytics and AdWords data for optimisation and account management
  • Understanding attribution in AdWords and Analytics and the differences between the two

Days 6 to 10

The aim of the final 5 days is for delegates to have practical experience of the techniques covered in the first week. This will enable you to put all that you have learnt into practice. In addition delegates can have the option of studying for their Google AdWords Fundamentals exam.

  • Practical sessions allowing you to set-up your own campaigns under the guidance of our technical team.
  • Supervised revision sessions with Q & A sessions, where you can gain valuable insight from the specialists in search.
  • On the final day you will be encouraged to take the 2-hour multiple choice exam.


Who would benefit from this course?

The boot camp is suitable for all levels, whether you are an in-house marketer looking to get your company set up on PPC, or someone who is looking to get started in a career in PPC. The boot camp has been designed to give you all the tools you need to kick start your PPC knowledge!

What is required?

  • You will need to bring your own laptop
  • Login details for your existing AdWords account if you have one
  • Login details for Google Analytics and Search Console accounts if you have these set up
  • You will be provided with refreshments throughout the week
  • Accommodation is not included but please ask for local hotel recommendations
  • Unfortunately we can not offer free on site parking but can make local recommendations

Think you can handle it? Register your interest below

Spaces on the boot camp will be filled on a first come first serve basis so don’t delay! Payment won’t be taken at this stage; we’ll be in touch with those that register interest