Google Analytics Training Course

The beauty of digital marketing is – amongst other things – its measurability. With this greater insight comes the ability to refine campaigns and make better business decisions. Reporting on this data in a meaningful way can, however, be tricky.

At Anicca we often help clients sort valuable data from data that is less useful using Google Analytics. Such a crucial part of digital marketing is Google Analytics, we’ve dedicated a whole day to it in our AdWords Boot Camp. We also offer tailored training for those with more complex needs.

What’s typically included within our Google Analytics training?

  • Setting up conversion tracking and linking Analytics and other accounts
  • Is your Analytics set-up properly?
  • Understanding the key metrics in Analytics
  • Further configuration and customisation e.g. ecommerce tracking, goals and funnels
  • Using Analytics and AdWords data for optimisation and account management
  • Understanding attribution in AdWords and Analytics and the differences between the two

Training options

1. Open Course
Our intensive AdWords Boot Camps are great for businesses wanting to retain management of their Pay-Per-Click advertising in-house. As part of the boot camp, we offer a one day sessions dedicated to Google Analytics, perfect for those wanting a better understanding of the tool.

2. In-house and bespoke courses
You can book our experts to help you understand and configure Analytics correctly. We can cater for up to 6 of your delegates with 1-10 days of separate or blocks of training depending on your needs. If required, the course can be tailored to your specific requirements and can include other subjects such as SEO, paid search, content marketing, email marketing or marketing automation and integration (link to relevant training pages once available).

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in our Google Analytics training, or any other of our training options then please call us on 0116 2987496 or complete our online contact form.