1-5 Day Digital Marketing Training Boot Camps from The Anicca Academy – Book now!

Digital Marketing Training Boot Camp

Our internet marketing training courses and 1-10 day boot camps

We offer a range of 5-day and 1-day boot camps and training courses that are held at our training centre in central Leicester. We also offer follow-on 5-day practical sessions, after our Leicester boot camps. In addition to the open courses shown below, we can also provide bespoke training at our offices or if you prefer at your own premises. You can find more details and the dates of each of our courses by clicking on the links below:

Course fees

Designed to be flexible, you can pick between the different combinations of training days, to ensure you get the training you want, and need!

  • 1 day = £300 excluding VAT (any day) 
  • 2 days = £550 excluding VAT 
  • 3 days = £750 excluding VAT 
  • 4 days = £900 excluding VAT 
  • 5 days = £1,000 excluding VAT (Monday – Friday) 
  • 10 days = £2,000 excluding VAT (Monday – Friday for 2 weeks)

Online marketing courses that will make a difference to your business

With the internet environment changing almost daily, it is imperative to both master the basics and learn how to keep up with all the developments.  That’s where our online marketing courses come in. We will show you exactly what you need to do to improve your businesses presence online – whether you need better natural rankings in the search engines or a cost effective Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, the Anicca online marketing courses will teach you everything you need to know. As well as getting you familiar, and comfortable, with the basics, our online marketing courses will also teach you how to stay ahead in the online marketing world. If you would like to book online for one of our 5-day courses you can click on the links below. Alternatively if you have any queries, please give us a call 0116 298 7482 or complete the form below.