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Leadership First Training Grants – eligibility criteria reduced to 2 employees for East Midlands Train To Gain projects

The Leadership First training scheme allows senior managers and business owners to receive 100% funding for the first £500 worth of business training and 50% funding for the next £1000 training. Therefore a training project of £1500 will receive a £1000 grant.

East Midlands Train to Gain have recently announced a temporary reduction in the eligibility criteria for businesses wishing to apply for the Leaders First training grant.  Now, Limited companies employing only 2 staff (with a maximum of 249 employees), can apply for a training grant up to £1000.

For our customers this means that we can provide 3 days of 1-2-1 training for a range of subjects for only £500!

Examples of training projects funded through Leadership First

Below are some examples of recent projects funded fully or in-part by the Leadership First grant:

How to apply for the Leadership First Training grant

If you would like us to provide 3 or more days of training to you and/or your senior managers on any aspect of ebusiness or online marketing then we should be able to help you!

With the new coalition government now in place these Train to Gain business grants could be vulnerable to future cuts.  We therefore advise you to act quickly to take advantage of these training grants while they are available!

If you have any questions call the office on 01162 628359 and ask for Ann Stanley or Aaron Luckie, or email

Posted by Ann Stanley