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Anicca host Digital Marketing Day at Waltham Forest College – 6 workshops to help small businesses

Anicca Digital and Waltham Forest College joined forces to host the college’s first Digital Marketing Day. The day, aimed at small businesses, consisted of six workshops covering everything from advice on developing an effective website to SEO tips and tools and an introduction to public relations.

Lead by Anicca MD, Ann Stanley and the agency’s PR Director, Caroline Spence, the workshops attracted business owners and marketing managers from across North London, all of whom were on a mission to harness the power of digital marketing and learn more about building a recognisable brand.

Presentations from the six workshops are below and are available for download:

  1. Developing your business website
  2. Introduction to social media marketing for small businesses
  3. Introduction to Public Relations
  4. SEO tips and tools for local businesses
  5. Using Google Analytics
  6. Solving common sales & marketing problems using Marketing Automation Software (MAS)

1. Developing your business website