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SMX London 2016 – key takeaways and slides

SMX London 2016 was as informative as ever, but with the added impetuous of a year full of announcements and changes in Google to fuel the presentations and expert panel (which I was privileged to be part of).

I have provided some of the key takeways from the session I attended, which was the paid SEM stream and then on the second day the advanced track. Where possible I have included the slides from the presenters.

On May 24th Google held their Google Performance Summit (GPS) – so I have updated relevant presentations with the new features announced at GPS (in red).

Part 1 – Terri Scriven – Industry Head of Hospitality at Google

Key takeaways

1) Be personal
2) Be actionable
3) Be measured

1) Personalisation and targeting

2) Be actionable (or impactful)

Ad types


Location based searches and integration with in store purchase

3) Measurement

Use of cross channel measurement – using store visits to see impact of mobile ads.

Conversion attribution

New Google Analytics 360 suite

Part 2 – The great campaign structure and match type debate chaired by Brad Geddes

Dave Walker  Founder at Segmatic

David’s team prefers to use Modified broad match (BMM) campaigns – he says that the more negatives the better the faster the better. However, there is a high cost of learning using BMM.  They use a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to adding negatives e.g, when they bid on +shirts – they spotted that football clubs were appearing in search terms – why not put all the football clubs in advance?

There is a fundamental problem when analysing search term report

How do work out patterns and negatives at scale:

Tools to help:

List based analysis

Negative word implementation

Articles from Dave Walker How we think about account structure

Mihai Irinel Popescu – Online Marketing Manager – Europe & Americas at HotelsCombined

The scale of the campaigns run by Mihai-Irinel Popescu and his team for their international car rental (or hire) services was mind blogging, with multiple countries, languages, currencies, car models etc. They have to keep the keyhrase and ad strategy simple to cope with the multiple accounts and campaigns required for all the targeting combinations

The slides below are from SMX West in march this year – however many of the points raised were discussed in London.