Google Tightens It’s GDN Ad Policies Following Recent Fall Out


Over the last few weeks there have been several high-profile brands pulling their ads from Google, particularly YouTube and the GDN. This is as a result of their ads appearing against content that does not align with their brand values. Fears ran high that ads were appearing against extremist videos, and you can see why…
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Google’s Philip Shearer talks about the Future of Google Shopping. An E-Commercial 2016 retrospective…

Philip Shearer talks about Google Shopping

Anicca Digital’s annual E-Commercial 16 conference saw many speakers grace the stage at Leicester’s Marriott Hotel. From Anicca’s own MD Ann Stanley, who gave expert insights on remarketing strategies in Search, Social and Display to James Murray, EMEA Product Marketing Manager for Bing talking about voice and visual search and Philip Shearer, Shopping Lead for Google, who…
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James Murray Of Bing Talks the Future of Voice and Visual Search


James leads with a big statement at this years E-Commercial Conference ‘the world has gone mad he says… we are controlled by the search box’; and if you take a minute to think about it quite possibly we are. If you have a question (whether that be Chinese takeaways close to your location, or the weather…
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Anicca Launches 3 New PPC Tools – Try today for free!


Anicca has developed three new PPC tools which we hope all digital marketers will find extremely useful. The three tools include; a UTM link builder tool, an XML Feed Converter and a broad match keyword converter tool. All of these are fully functional and are available for free on our website under the tools section. 1.Build Campaign…
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Google Shopping Latest – Showcase Shopping Ads

Showcase ads

It’s that time again Google has got itchy feet, cue there latest update… ‘Showcase shopping ads’. So what do these ads entail and how might they affect your campaign? Firstly it’s worth noting that this new ad format will only be triggered for broad, non-branded product searches such as ‘women’s shoes’ or ‘makeup brushes’. These…
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‘Writing is dead’ says Facebook


In a recent article that appeared on my Twitter feed,  Ann Handley, esteemed content marketing expert and Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs, talked about how Facebook has recently declared the death of online written content, or rather predicting it will dead be very soon. And I wholeheartedly agree with Ann. Scaremongering much? Whiff of…
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