Bearing Point

Bearing Point – Using SEO to improve organic traffic across 27 different websites


  • Understand why the regional sites were not generating traffic through organic listings
  • Upskill regional teams on optimisation best-practice


  • Conducted a thorough Technical, On-page and Off-page audit of a selection of poor performing regional sites, comparing them to regional sites with strong performance.
  • Created a blueprint for the regional teams so that they would know how to optimise case studies and blog posts with the aim of attracting visitors and quality links to their respective sites.


  • Client now has a full understanding of what errors exist and how these errors can be fixed.
  • The regional teams now have access to a dedicated online portal created by Anicca , which holds the optimisation blueprints. It allows for the easy upload of up-to-date training material.
  • The work carried out by Anicca resulted in Bearing Point’s digital strategy being completely rewritten.
  • Anicca’s findings and recommendations now allow the brand to compete at an international scale.