Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio – Using PPC to launch the new Minx speaker range

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  • Increase sales volume and ensure a profitable cost per sale in the highly competitive audio market
  • Develop a robust PPC strategy for product launches in the UK and new international markets
  • Fix a host of tracking issues with Analytics and AdWords, to ensure accurate measurement of traffic sources, transactions and revenue


  • Resolved all tracking issues related to AdWords and Analytics including dynamic PPC conversion tracking, cross-domain tracking, event tracking, goals and funnels.
  • Restructured the account to minimise wastage, create additional campaigns with a focus on improving Quality Scores and conversion rates
  • Set up new AdWords campaigns for remarketing and shopping ads
  • Profitably launched new product to market using PPC (to coincide with offline launch)


  • 10x increase in transactions over 6 month period
  • 7.5x increase in conversion rate
  • 66% Budget saving from ineffective campaigns with a 10x increase in revenue