Experian – Maximising sales and improving efficiency of AdWords

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  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing AdWords accounts
  • Maximise sales of the Business Check product within a set budget and achieve a cost of sale less than £20
  • New customer acquistion
  • Understand the role of PPC in the attribution of all online sales


  • Identified cross domain tracking issues within Google Analytics and resolved AdWords tracking issues within Google Analytics
  • Account was restructured entirely and moved away from expensive broad match keywords, which the account was highly dependent on. This resulted in reducing cost whilst retaining relevant traffic
  • Reviewed semantic implications of keywords in the account and repositioned the account for more successful terms


  • Increased conversions 50x within 2 months of account takeover
  • Cost per sale reduced from £250 to client’s target of between £7 – £15
  • Doubled conversion rates through in depth manual optimisation