– Using SEO to increase visibility and organic traffic

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  • Increase visibility in organic search results
  • Increase site rankings for generic keywords like ‘sofa’, ‘corner sofa’, etc
  • focus on ‘not-provided’ keyword in data driven SEO approach


  • Using On page and Technical SEO to reconfigure the website and increase rankings.
  • Using Technical SEO techniques to amend URL parameters, redirect 404 page errors, reconfigure robots.txt files, and reconfigure the sitemap
  • Using SEO monitor to determine keyphrases that drive traffic and fit specific SEO  project best as well as their corresponding landing pages
  • Un-optimising pages on the site to prevent internal competition amongst landing pages and executing a more focused optimisation strategy based on the target keyword list


  • 6x increase in visibility score
  • 5 place keyword position improvement
  • 100% increase in organic traffic
  • 9 position improvement in ranking of keyword ‘sofa’ to attain number one spot