Frequently Asked Questions and Agency Pricing

What type of projects do you undertake for clients?

We offer a mix of consultancy, implementation and training for our clients across most search and digital marketing channels. This could be a simple project to set-up an AdWords account and then manage it on an ongoing basis, or to provide consultancy to help you build a new ecommerce website with a complete marketing strategy.

Do your projects have a minimum number of days?

Most of our ongoing or retainer projects have 2 or more days per month. However, some clients have 10 or more days per month because they either want a combination of different services (such as SEO, social media, PPC, ecommerce marketing and PR) or because they have more than one business or website. If required, we are able to service larger projects, as these tend to be multi-channel, so different specialists from each team can work on these combination projects. However, we ensure that the client has one major point of contact (via their client services manager).

How long are your projects and contracts?

a) Consultancy and insight Our consultancy projects are usually one off or a maximum of 3 months to carry out a specific piece of work. Each project is bespoke and range from £5,000 to £50,000 depending on the objectives, research and consultancy undertaken. b) Ongoing implementation and retainers These contracts are charged based on the number of days you require.  The contracts are typically 6, 12 or 18 months, however longer contracts are available if required. We offer financial incentives for undertaking a longer project, by reducing the day rate (see below).

What is the notice period to terminate a contract?

If your contract is about to end then you just need to give us 1 month’s notice to terminate the contract at the agreed time. At the end of the contract the client normally go onto a rolling contract with 3 months’ notice.

What is the agency day rate for different digital or search marketing contracts?

Our monthly retainers are based on the number of days contracted and our published day rates. We offer a discounted day rate depending on the number of days per month and the duration of your digital marketing contract. Each year we benchmark our day rates against industry averages for agencies, in order to remain competitive. The table below shows our day rates for different project lengths and sizes. This figures excludes VAT.

Day Rate Excluding VAT1-6 Months Contract12 Months Contract18+ Months Contract
2-4 days/month£700/day£650/day£625/day
5-6 days/month£675/day£625/day£600/day
7+ days per month£650/day£600/day£575/day

*Note: A levy of £200 per day may be applied to these day rates if the some of your work is for consultancy or training carried out by an account director, head of department, or one of our directors.

What are your invoicing and payment terms?

We invoice on the first day of the month of your contract and have 14 day payment terms. We will create a GoCardless account for you in order that your monthly payments are automatically paid from your bank account.

What is GoCardless?

GoCardless is a direct debit service for smaller businesses, we use this to ensure that we receive payment before the end of the month and before the next month’s work commences. There is no additional charge for you for using this service.

Who pays my ad spend and other third party costs?

In most cases clients’ pay all third party fees directly (e.g. Google ad spend).  However in some instances we will pay these on our behalf, however you will need to have paid us in advance and we do charge a handling fee of 2.5% per month.

Do you have any terms and conditions?

Yes – you can read our terms and conditions at the following page: