Benefits and Features of Our Fully Managed PPC Service

  • Choice of packages dependant on your budget  – we offer a range of fully managed PPC packages
  • Full ownership of the account – You own the account so that at the end of the contract you can take the account back and manage it yourself. We provide management, but you keep control
  • Monthly AdWords and Analytics report – Monthly reports with analysis of the data and recommendations of how to improve your campaign from our expert account managers.
  • Training and site review – If you’re unfamiliar with PPC advertising, we even provide half day training and a full review of your campaign every 6 months.
  • Available on multiple platforms – Your business could have effective advertising campaigns on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, or a bespoke combination – the choice is yours.
  • You pay for your ad spend yourself (via your bank account or credit card) and we will invoice you separately for our monthly management fee
  • Accounts can be complex with separate campaigns for each product category or service, with 1000’s of keyphrases in many discrete ad groups.
  • The account can have a combination of campaign settings and features, including; geo-targetting, choice of networks, devices, scheduling, ad extensions, remarketing, display ads, shopping ads plus conversion tracking and linked Analytics account.

Why are our fully managed PPC services different from other agencies?

  • Fixed management fee – We charge fixed fees (based on the number of days required to set-up and manage your account) rather than taking a percentage of your costs. This means we wholeheartedly try to reduce your costs with no hidden agendas!
  • Lower Cost-per-click – We can normally reduce your costs by lowering your cost-per-click (CPC). We don’t always aim for position one as this can often be unnecessarily costly without having any real benefit to you. However if a keyphrase is working well we will maximise your positions to get you as many clicks and conversions as possible! Our expert PPC campaign management means you never pay more than you need for clicks to your website.
  • Effective PPC Campaign Management – We will pause keywords and ad groups that are not working and constantly work to improve the ones which are. This saves you money otherwise being wasted on ineffective ad groups, whilst increasing the number of clicks you get for the money you do spend.  Our weekly optimisation processes take at least 2 hours per account and we also use alerts and automated tools to flag any issues – so there are never any surprises.
  • Focus on Quality Score – When you run a Google AdWords campaign, Google gives your ads a Quality Score (QS) which ranks your keyphrases in terms of relevancy to the user. A higher QS means you pay less per click. Because our PPC campaign management focuses on achieving high Quality Scores for your PPC campaigns, we save you money, meaning you can often pay less than your competitors for the same ad positions.