What Is Remarketing and Retargeting?

One of the most effective paid search and paid displayed techniques is Remarketing. Remarketing allows you to display your ads to people who have previously visited your site and is great for both brand awareness and specifically targeted campaigns.

Sophisticated audience lists can be created to target just the visitors that have shown the most interest, but the biggest advantage of remarketing is the ability to target users across a range of different platforms and advertising networks.
We’ve seen some great results with high click-through and conversion rates across a multitude of ecommerce and lead generation sites.

Remarketing on Google’s display network

Arguably the most established platform for display advertising, Google’s Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide and is comprised of millions of websites, news pages and blogs (even YouTube).

Dynamic remarketing

With dynamic remarketing, you can target previous visitors with images of the specific products they looked at on your site. This powerful technique works wonders for ecommerce sites selling practically anything and requires a fully configured product feed. These ads are also shown on the Google Display Network.

Remarketing on Google’s search network

One of the most recent, yet least utilised weapons in an advertiser’s armoury is Remarketing on the Search Network. This allows you to target previous visitors to the site with compelling ad copy right on Google’s search results page. You can use Remarketing for Search to

  • increase sales to “non-converters” by offering a discount or promo code
  • adjusting your bids (or messaging) for returning visitors e.g, for more competitive phrases
  • to sell complementary products to previous buyers.

You can even prevent ads from showing to previous visitors, for example brand phrases leading to more cost-effective campaigns.

Facebook Exchange (FBX)

In June 2012, Facebook released its ad exchange platform allowing advertisers to retarget website visitors into Facebook. This lends itself well for B2C lifestyle brands, but is also surprisingly effective for B2B companies who can now also serve eye-catching content within the news feed.

Anicca, with its long-standing experience with Remarketing, can help you retarget visitors that may have otherwise been lost to competitors.

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