Digital PR

‘New audiences, new platforms, new creatives’

The power of the individual as an influencer means that traditional communication techniques have to be adapted – now it’s not about pushing out one uniform message via mass media, it’s about the hundreds, thousands and millions of conversations that happen online every single day.

From ‘Citizen Journalists’, bloggers and social media influencers, the power of one voice to influence a collective is shown on daily basis. Being able to reach out and harness this power for the benefit of your brand/ product/ service is the essence of E-PR.

Creating highly trackable campaigns with professional tools, we can identify your target market, their influencers and track the success of campaign more accurately than ever before.

How Conversations can help your digital PR:

  • Influencer marketing – connecting with the main influencers and online bloggers within an industry and forming mutually-beneficial, long-standing relationships
  • Content marketing – creating quality, ‘shareworthy’ content including video and infographics
  • Outreach – ‘reaching out’ to and engaging with relevant webmasters to feature your content
  • Creation and management of internal blog platform to share the latest news with your fans
  • Social media marketing campaigns – from big networks like Facebook to smaller, sector-specific forums