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To be successful in any business you need to understand your surroundings, and if your business makes its money online then this has never been more relevant.  In a crowded and dynamic marketplace your strategy is dependent on numerous factors, including your market, your customers, your individual sector and your competitors. That’s why we have developed a thorough set of competitor analysis tools that help our clients get to grips with their online environment and ultimately stay ahead of the game.

Free SEO audit

The most popular of our set of competitor analysis tools is our free SEO audit.  As well as reviewing your site’s current SEO and identifying areas for improvement, the free SEO audit also features in-depth competitor analysis to help you keep track of your competitors and build an effective strategy.

Nearly every industry is saturated with competitors, all of whom are vying for the same website traffic and conversions. Our competitor analysis pinpoints your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and identifies areas where your site can improve.  Our free SEO reports will review you and your major competitors’:

•    Internet marketing strategies
•    Offline marketing strategies
•    Website content and sales performance
•    Keyword and keyphrase targets
•    Customer experiences and critiques
•    Strengths and weaknesses of existing strategies