SEO Consultancy

As well as offering fully managed SEO campaigns, we also provide expert SEO consultancy – which tends to be popular with companies that have internal marketing teams, but can also provide benefits to others looking for SEO guidance and expertise.

What is the role of our SEO consultants?

First of all, our expert SEO team will spend time with you and your staff to get a thorough understanding of your business as well as your goals and objectives. We will also build up a comprehensive review of your current online presence, which will identify the areas in need of improvement and the opportunities that are open to you in your particular market.

Following that we create a long term SEO strategy for your in-house team to carry out – and provide ongoing support, guidance and advice throughout the process. We also offer optional training sessions with your team to help develop their knowledge and SEO skills.

Benefits of using our SEO consultancy service

We have designed our consultancy service with one aim in mind: to provide your in-house team with the specialist SEO skills and technical knowledge it needs to succeed in today’s competitive search market.
While working with us your team will:

  • Better understand the technical aspects of SEO
  • Develop their knowledge of on-page and off-page optimisation techniques
  • Get hands-on experience working on a full-scale SEO campaign
  • Learn more about link earning tactics and techniques
  • Become more confident in research and implementing their own SEO campaigns