Analytics Consultative Services

Know Your Audience, Measure Your Marketing, Be Responsive

We can provide a full service offering to help you with your Google Analytics for your website. This includes fully flexible and custom setups based on your business needs. Our team of qualified Google Analytics consultants will check your existing account against common setup errors to ensure you are working with reliable data you can trust to drive your strategy forward. We can provide you with a comprehensive health check and report of your current Analytics setup to tell you what’s good, what’s not so good and what opportunities you might be missing out on. Our experienced team have configured hundreds of analytics accounts and can advise on whether your Analytics account is properly set up and is fully optimised to your needs. Whether you’re an existing or new analytics user, feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs. Alternatively kick start things off by Contact us today for a free mini audit.

We can support with:

  • Basic – advanced implementations
  • Tag Management Setup
  • Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Conversion Optimisation

Our process

Our process begins with understanding your needs and objectives for tracking and reporting which we would normally establish from a consultation call or meeting. Once done we would begin with Analytics audit to identify the problems and opportunities with the website and Analytics account. Having carried out an audit, we can provide detailed instructions for your web-developers telling them what changes need to be made to your website and onsite code. Close contact with your developer is essential at this stage in order to keep things moving and avoid common errors. Once the tracking code has been installed correctly on the site we can then begin with the actual set up and configuration of your Google Analytics account. We’ll especially look at any traffic that can skew your data such as back end office systems and internal traffic. Once fully tested, we’ll provide you with basic training on where to find your data within the account. We also offer ongoing support if you have any questions or require help.


Google Analytics Tracking and Setup

Our Google Analytics experts do all the hard work so you can be confident your Google Analytics account delivers accurate data and reporting that you can rely on. We can work with you to ensure your Analytics is professionally setup to allow you to report and benchmark against the business metrics that matter most to you. This can include such things as ecommerce tracking, form tracking, downloads, button clicks and much more. We offer a full consultation with your in house marketing teams and can work with your developers to get all of the nitty gritty code installed on to the site. If you already have Analytics installed we can check the setup and see whether you are using the most up to date code and recording everything you need to.


Analytics audit & review

Our GA auditing service offers a full review and health check of your current Google Analytics account setup. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive report that explains to you what is missing and why it matters. We’ll also add in professional recommendations on what you could or should be tracking based on your specific website and business type to ensure you are getting the most out of Google Analytics You can use this to make changes yourself, or ask us to implement them for you. If applicable, we can also include a review of Google Tag Manager account.

  • A comprehensive report of identified issues and necessary solutions and fixes i.e missing tracking code, bad filters, self-referrals, polluted data and much more
  • Advice on Account Structure & Setup Measurement and Reporting
  • Tracking & Reporting Recommendations tailored to your site


Reporting insight and analysis

Use our highly trained web-analysts to produce your regular management reports, provide insight on your user behaviour and uncover key information you may not find yourself. We can go beyond just the set up of your Google Analytics, and provide you with key insights about your website visitors and marketing activities on an ongoing basis. Our experts can help you make sense of your data and provide key insights and recommendations relevant to you. This could include data about: Checkout Abandonment, Site speed and performance issues, bad pages with high bounce rates, Top performing content, Multi-Channel Analysis and more. Get in touch with us today if you are an existing Analytics user or want to know about our full service package.


Google Analytics training

We offer Analytics training courses for those looking to get the most from their Google Analytics accounts. We can offer one to one or group training on-site on at our offices here in Leicester.  Our one day training sessions can be tailored to suit your needs whether beginner or advanced. We will teach you the practical skills and Google Analytics tips you will be able to use every day.


Conversion Optimisation services

Conversion Optimisation works. Optimise your website before your competition, maximise profits and gain an invaluable advantage in the market. We offer a range of services to help improve your site’s conversion rates. Using their specialist skills and experience, our dedicated team will not only ensure that you receive meaningful data, but we’ll also turn that data into insight: real, powerful and meaningful. We can show you every point on your customer’s journey and help you understand what it all means. If we can measure it, we can use it. And we love that, too. We offer a range of services to keep you aware of what’s going on, and to guide you through the minefield of common analytics errors.

  • Help build a strong business case for your marketing
  • Understanding website behaviour and activity
  • Discover what aspects of your online marketing are helping drive sales or leads
  • Improve number of leads and lead quality
  • Connect key business objectives to a robust web analytics strategy
  • Full analysis, interpretation and reporting of Google Analytics data.
  • Get insightful and actionable data