Call Tracking Technology

What Is call tracking?

Our keyword level call tracking system allows businesses to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) on all of their marketing activities by generating a unique phone number to be generated each time someone views your website.

For businesses who invest in their online and offline marketing activities, there is often little help in calculating which campaigns have been successful. Measuring call volumes can give some insight but does little to explain where these calls came from. Call tracking technology removes this barrier to your advertising and bridges the gap between advertising and calls by providing detailed reporting on how your customers found you.

Using call tracking technology, businesses can not only record and monitor calls but are also able to see how individual customers found the number to call your business. This gives your business the opportunity to concentrate on advertising that is performing well and reduce any efforts which could be costing you money unnecessarily. For businesses that receive a lot of calls, this call tracking data can completely transform how they deal with advertising spend in the future.

Call tracking in action

Have you noticed how our phone number changes in the header? This is because we are using a call tracking system, which allows us to trace how you heard about us, how you came to our website and even what key phrases you used!

Our call tracking is linked to our Adwords and Analytics accounts, providing detailed information about our customers and gives information on how we can improve our marketing efforts. Our Call Tracking software takes just 15 minutes to set up and is more affordable than you might think. If you receive most of your web enquiries by phone, call tracking can revolutionise how you monitor and measure the effectiveness of your marketing.

Keyword level call tracking

This software provides a cross between web analytics and call tracking in a complete package to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Our call tracking platform can show why a visitor has called your business even if they call days or even months after visiting the website! Our call tracking technology also offers the following benefits:

  • Optimise Advertising – With our Call Tracking, you can target advertising to the most effective areas and reduce unnecessary spend
  • Visitor Tracking – you can record which of your webpages customers visited before, during and after the call
  • Call Recording – Record each and every call and listen to these calls whenever you wish
  • Keyphrase Tracking – Track which keyphrases have been used to reach your website to improve your marketing spend
  • Reporting tools – it provides powerful, in depth reporting on calls, call location, call volume and duration and is integrated into Google Analytics and Adwords
  • Missed call email alerts – Never miss a call again with instant email alerts of missed calls

Our call tracking technology provides you with detailed information to make confident decisions about advertising spend. It  can show exactly where your media efforts should be enhanced and where money could be better spent.

Call tracking packages

The cost of setting up call tracking has been reduced to encourage more customers to use the technology.

  • There is a set-up fee of £100 which includes training on using the interface
  • Call charges of 20p per call.
  • Monthly rental of £70 per month.

For more information about Call Tracking Technology you can call the Pay Per Click team on 0116 2987496 or contact us