Website Hosting and Technical Support Packages for 2016

As part of our commitment to providing a professional and flexible service to all of our customers here at Anicca Digital Limited, we have designed a selection of packages to provide you with a choice of options to suit your individual needs – based on server usage. All of our website support requests are handled through our online support centre as this allows us to effectively handle your problem, from identification through to resolution, in a timely fashion.

Domain name registration and management

There is a nominal admin charge for keeping your domain details up to date and associated with our servers.  Cost – £25 per domain:

Hosting costs

In previous years we have charged a flat fee for all hosting, irrespective of the server requirements needed for your website. This year we have provided 3 levels of hosting based on the actual server space and bandwidth requirements of your website. In addition there is a fee of £10 per website per annum to cover essential software upgrades and server maintenance.


Package TypeSizeMonthly Cost
Discounted Annual Cost
(paid in advance)
Low server usage
Small brochure site or a smaller database driven site
1000 MB space
(10 GB bandwidth a month)
£20£240/year discounted to £200/year
Medium server usage
Database driven site or higher levels of bandwidth
10,000 MB space
(100 GB bandwidth a month)
£30£360/year discounted to £300/year
High server usage
High amount of bandwidth coupled with large
numbers of images or videos e.g. ecommerce websites
100,000 MB space
(1000 GB bandwidth a month)
£50£600/year discounted to £500/year



Support Packages

You can purchase ad hoc support at our normal rate of £80 per hour, but we charge for a minimum of 3 hours due to the time required to research your request, invoicing  and administration.

However, you can pre-purchase a number of support hours in advance at a preferential rate.   These support packages include:

  • 3 hours at £80 per hour = £240 (minimum charge of 1 hour on each request – not 3 hours for ad hoc requests where there is no contract)
  • 6 hours at £75 per hour = £450 (with a standing order of £75 x 6 months or £425 it they pay upfront)
  • 12 Hours at £70 per hour (approximately a 12% discount) = £840 (with a standing order of £140 x 6 months or £800 it they pay upfront)
  • 24 hours at £65 per hour (approximately a 20% discount) = £1560 (with a standing order of £260 per month or £1400 it they pay upfront)
  • More than 30 hours: These will charged at an hourly rate of £60 per hour but have to be bought in bulk eg 30 x £60 = £1800
  • Support contracts run until December of each year and the hours have to be used up in your allotted time. Current contracts end December 2014.


Evening and Weekend Support

Office hours are between 9:00 and 17:30 Monday to Friday in which time we will handle any support request made through the online support centre. Whilst we do not operate an out of hours service we will endeavour to handle your request as soon as possible.

Support carried out in an emergency out of hours will be charged at a time and a half.