Web Design and Development

As search engine marketing specialists, we have a unique approach to web development projects. We focus on usability, both in terms of visitors and search engines, so that your new website has the best chance of performing well in search results.

  • Responsive design – our websites look fantastic and work well in every device
  • Page download speed – a key search engine ranking factor, we make websites that load quickly
  • Structured data – all of our sites come with all relevant Schema and RDF markup so that search engines can better understand your content
  • Social integration – Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card functionality is also built into all of our web development projects




Responsive Websites

Responsive design

Our responsive design process starts with usability and ends with a stylish, cutting-edge design. Being ‘responsive’ means our websites look great on whatever device – whether it’s a desktop or a smartphone.

Over the past few years, our team of expert designers and front-end developers have specialised in using the latest technology to produce website designs that are responsive and focus on the user, rather than the platform.

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Page download speed

Page speed is now more important than ever, from a usability and SEO perspective. Search engine’s use page load speed as a ranking factor because it directly impacts visitor satisfaction. Put simply, a slow loading page does not offer a good user experience, and search engines will therefore not rank it high in their search results.

Our web developers use efficient and concise HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery to make sure your website performs at its optimum level.


Responsive Websites


Structured data

By implementing all relevant Schema tags on the sites we build, we make sure that they are fully up to date with the requirements of search engines. Structured Data mark-up helps search engines understand what your content is about – e.g. the name of your MD, your office opening hours, the price of a particular product and so on – so that they can not only rank it better but also display more information to encourage searchers to click on it.

Social integration

Our websites come fully loaded with all the latest Facebook Open Graph tags and Twitter Card integration, so that you are always in complete control of how your brand is represented across social networks.

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