Audits & Consultancy

Marketing audit and website consultancy

We’ve been helping our clients craft digital marketing strategies for many years, so we’ve become experts at matching actions with objectives. Our experts have also been helping clients execute these strategies with data-driven marketing consultancy.

Building, then delivering a successful strategy that harnesses the latest channels and marketing techniques requires a solid understanding of a brand’s current and ideal position. As such all of our projects begin with a thorough audit, which helps us to identify any opportunities that exist.

Auditing packages and analytical services

  • Website and competitor analysis
  • SEO and technical audit
  • Google Ads audit
  • Market and keyphrase research
  • Web traffic analysis

Strategy and planning – Use our internet marketing consultancy services

It can be a full-time job understanding how to use internet marketing to develop your business online. This is because internet marketing encompasses a whole range of technical, IT and marketing disciplines and is changing daily!

Our team have been providing internet marketing consultancy and web development services for over 7 years. We offer a range of bespoke and one-to-one internet marketing consultancy services to help you translate the lingo, understand the technology; and put together your web development or online marketing strategy in order to take your business forward.

Digital marketing consultancy

If you are considering using our any of our website development or online marketing services – then you can take advantage of a free 2-hour consultation with one of our team. This allows us to get to know you and to identify the areas of your business that you are trying to develop. We will also be able to establish whether there are any funding opportunities or grants available to help finance your project.

We can then provide you with a proposal to fix your problem (by carrying out a web design or online marketing project). Alternatively you can use our full internet marketing consultancy services to provide you with an internet marketing strategy or online advertising plan.

Our internet marketing consultancy services are described in detail below.

Internet marketing strategy & planning

Having identified the key internet marketing areas that need to be addressed – we can then help you put together an online marketing strategy and/or tactical implementation plan on how to take your business forward.

  • Internet Marketing Strategy Consultancy
  • Integration with Offline Marketing
  • Internet marketing implementation & management

Using a range of search engine marketing and online marketing techniques, we will help you implement and manage your internet marketing strategy. We can manage your online advertising on your behalf, or provide ongoing support, reports and benchmarking. We can become one of your team or an extension of your marketing department.

Alternatively we can just be at the end of the phone if you have any questions. Of course once you get started you will also want to take advantage of all the internet marketing workshops and training that we can offer you – through our Online Marketing School.









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