Technical SEO & Analytics Account Director

My name is James and I’ve been working in the SEO industry for over a decade. I’ve always worked in SEO since I graduated and have never deviated from my profession. Over the years I have demonstrated an aptitude as a technical SEO auditing and investigation specialist (technical SEO performance diagnostics). In addition, I have gradually taken more of an interest in SEO R&I (Research & Insights) in the form of Google Data Studio report building.

I help the SEO team, and others in the business to learn more about technical SEO. I also deliver technical SEO audits and handle some of the report building. Technical SEO is less about Digital PR and the ‘pure’ marketing end – technical SEO is more of an applied technological practice.


Are canonical tags correctly implemented, are there issues with non-mutual halflings? Do you need someone to crawl your website and look at the coding, or the page-speed elements? These are my areas of expertise.If your SEO performance issues have technical elements, then it’s likely that I’ll be involved with your account.

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