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Sukh Singh

Head of SEO

Sukh graduated from De Montfort University with a degree in Multimedia Computing in 2007 and began his career working as a Web Designer and Developer which he did for 3 years. After becoming interested in conversions rather than just web builds, he made the transition into SEO. For the last 7 years Sukh has worked on a wide range of SEO campaigns incorporating his tech knowledge and gaining experience from 3 agencies and as a freelancer in on-site, off site SEO, traditional marketing techniques and business development. As head of Technical SEO, Sukh enjoys solving tech issues and thoroughly enjoys working with the team of superstars at Anicca. Likes: All things tech, reading, playing the Tabla, brie and crackers Dislikes: Starting a book or a movie and realising its bad, but being too far committed to leave it, seeing it through to the bitter end.