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Ad Serving Technology with CrimTan and Anicca Digital: You are invited to a Technology Showcase and Demo in Leicester on 21st June 2011

Written by Ann Stanley on 1st June 2011

Technology Tuesdays – Showcase of latest online marketing and web technologies

Anicca Digital is offering a series of “Technology Showcases” for existing and new clients. You are invited to join us and our Technology Partners – to learn about a specific digital technique and how this can be used to drive traffic and sales to your business.

The number of places is strictly limited; so please apply early and preference will be given to companies with sufficient budget to take advantage of these new technologies.

Tuesday 21st June – Ad Serving and Display Marketing

Technology Partner – Paul Goad MD Crimtan

Session 1 – Using remarketing and audience targeting (ad-serving) to acquire more traffic to your website

Many techniques can be used to buy traffic to your website, including pay per click through platforms such as Google AdWords or Google display network; and pay per impression (CPM) on third party websites using ad-serving.

Traditionally, paid search has tended to deliver the best results; as the traffic has been more targeted (by keyphrases) and the payment is on the basis of cost per click.

However the introduction of Google remarketing (or stalking) and ad-serving (using user behaviour and demographic segmentation); has meant that there are now a range of very cost effective techniques to achieve greater traffic from within and outside the Google display network.

This session of the Technology Showcase will be cover:

  • Use of Google Remarketing functionality and how this can boost your AdWords campaign
  • Demonstration of CrimTan’s ad serving technology and how you can purchase traffic to your site which is segmented by audience behaviour and demographics

Session 2 – Monetising your website by having CPM banner ads on your site (using ad serving technology)

If you have a website which serves a specific sector (or niche), or you have a website with more than 25-50k visits per month you may be able to to supplement your income  by displaying banner ads on your website. The main advantage of  displaying banners from an Ad Serving network is that you will be paid on a CPM basis, ie for impressions rather than clicks.


1.00Join us for a buffet and meet the team
1.30Using Google remarketing to increase the effectiveness of your Google AdWords accountsGurpreet Bassi – senior account manager paid search Anicca
2.00Using remarketing and demographic segments from within and outside of Google’s network to drive traffic to your site – using CrimTan’s Ad Serving technologyGuest Speaker Paul Goad MD CrimTan
3.30Optional session – Monetisation traffic to your website, using a shared revenue modelGuest Speaker Paul Goad MD CrimTan

Is this showcase for you?

Session 1 –

This presentation is for existing and new clients who already (or intend) to invest more than £1000 per month in paid advertising.  Your website is likely to receive a minimum of 10k visits per month and you will already be using a range of online marketing techniques include paid search, email and SEO.

You should want to increase your spend to drive more traffic by using Google remarketing or targeted ad serving technology*.

*Note: Clients wishing to invest in ad serving should have a minimum of £2k for a one-off project, or more than £1k per month for an ongoing project

Session 2 –

The final session is for website owners who already have over 25k visits to their website and would like to monetise this traffic.

We are also interesting in hearing from companies that would like to work on a shared revenue basis, in order to take advantage of joint traffic generation schemes and monetisation packages.

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Please email [email protected] if you would like to attend or call 0116 298 6460

If you are unable to attend the showcase or you would like us to provide you a proposal for this service, then please contact us and we can arrange a 1-2-1 meeting with our team.