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AdWords Boot camp : Day Seven

Written by Darren Wynn on 13th February 2013

Practical sessions on setting up PPC campaigns and case studies – by Ann Stanley bootcamp commander…

BootCampThe candidates have completed 5 days of taught workshops on PPC and Analytics theory and have now moved on to the second part of the course – the case study, AdWords exam and practical!



They were set the following challenge:
• create at least 2 campaigns in their own PPC account, following the brief below
• prepare a presentation on their strategy and approach to the brief
• revise and pass the AdWords fundamentals exam (by Thursday morning)
• present their work to the staff (on Thursday afternoon).

The brief!

1) Introduction
We have been involved in a project with the Leicestershire domestic abuse charity LWA; to develop their new website and also a revenue generating site called

This charity fundraising site has many similarities to and, but due to the low joining fee is targeted at smaller charities and other non-profit organisations.

It also has the additional benefit of allowing the organisation to set-up their own 5 page website and also pages to promote and sell tickets to their events. Finally all the profits of the site are channelled back to LWA, so it the only fundraising site “for charities run by a charity”!

The site is now ready to launch and we have successfully secured a Google charity grant of $10,000 per month (approximately £6400) to promote the site. We wanted to use this as a case study and if the candidates’ campaigns were good enough; we could incorporate them into the live PPC account.

2) The task
The candidates were asked to produce at least 2 campaigns following the rules of the Google grant:
• to raise funds for LWA
• to attract users to Giving-back to generate as much revenue as possible

We deliberately provided limited information; as we wanted the delegates to do their own research, ask questions and get further snippets and details to see if they were on the right course.

Progress so far


The task was announced on Friday morning and that day was allocated for them to carry out their research and to try and put a plan together. Immediately it had the effect of splitting the group by their ability to understand the problem and work out what they were doing. However, by 11am the first candidate was able to present their ideas, had worked out the target market, the USP’s of the Giving-back site and formulated a plan.

Many in the group struggled with the concept of doing the research on their own, asking the right questions and formulating their plans.

One by one the penny dropped and they started to understand the exercise. However by the end of play, two delegates were still struggling and they needed some help to get enough information to allow them to work on their own over the weekend.


By Monday morning we had our first casualty; one of the team decided that they were looking for a career in design and the creative side of internet marketing and PPC was not for them.

It was also apparent that some had been able to do more work over the weekend and their campaigns were looking promising; whereas the task was beginning to separate the less able (or focussed) candidates.

Monday was another day of personal study. By Monday evening it was becoming obvious which candidates were able to focus and juggle the mix of revision, campaigns set-up and preparing their presentation.


This included 4 or 5 hours of taught workshop (having rescheduled this from Friday). This started to cement some of the team’s knowledge (their revision from the AdWords Learning Centre was paying off).

One of the delegates also found an old AdWords exam paper on the internet, which we went through as a group to illustrate the types of questions they might be given in the live exam. This helped them realise that they knew more than they realised but also illustrated how quickly Google changes, as about a quarter of the question were no longer relevant due to the changes in the functionality!

Unfortunately, this left 2 of the candidates looking very nervous about just how much they still had to get done in time. So I offered the group a “get out of jail free card”, and said that any of them could resign if they felt that PPC was not for them.


As expected another candidate decided to withdraw. This left 5 from the original 7 that started the week before.

In order to ensure that they got the most from the day, we started by clarifying the skeleton for the presentation.

Nearly everyone is looking confident today, however with their exam first thing and the presentation tomorrow afternoon; we are expecting some blurry eyes in the morning!

What next?

We will give you a final review of how the candidates did in their exams and also publish their slides on the blog.


If any agencies or companies need to fast-track their training and get staff quickly up to speed in PPC, AdWords and Analytics; then the bootcamp approach is an incredibly cost effective approach. It works on two levels allowing you to identify candidates with the right skill set and aptitude; as well as giving candidates an extensive amount of information in a very short period.