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Anicca AdWords Bootcamp: Day One

Written by Darren Wynn on 5th February 2013

photo3Aayushi’s Blog – Day One

When you hear the words ‘Bootcamp’,

you think of a grueling week getting your body into shape.

You know your trainer is going to work every muscle in your body and you can bet you’ll be exhausted by the end of it!

Anicca’s AdWords Bootcamp isn’t so different, except this time our trainer is one of the top PPC specialists in the UK, Ann Stanley, and it’ll be your mind exhausted not your body. Ann will fry your brain with so much information to process on your first day, but this is preparing us for the week to come. One thing Ann said at the end of the session is, “I know you guys will get through this process because you come from a marketing background and are used to taking in so much information”.

Day one took us through our introduction to PPC, an overview of the main PPC techniques, setting up LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, setting up Google AdWords and an introduction to display advertising.
Whilst LinkedIn and Facebook seem very easy to understand, Google AdWords is an intense and complicated program, meaning it took us a lot longer to begin to understand. There are many options as to how your ad will be targeted, who it will be targeted to, where, when and why. Fascinatingly you suddenly become aware of how and why Google ads are displayed to you the way they are. You notice the smallest things when searching for something on Google. For example, ad extensions, containing a business’s contact details, location, website, etc. It’s like a whole new world opening up to you.












The Bootcamp is about really ensconcing ourselves in Google AdWords and being able to analyse data on both a large and small scale. Although this is a very intense course, we all have the utmost trust in Ann -in short, if she thinks we can do it then we do too. If you love numbers, Google and the geeky stuff behind it, I would highly recommend you take this course. I am now ready for day two and am very excited to learn how to manage Google AdWords in more detail.

We’ll be posting a blog from one of our AdWords students on each day of the bootcamp. If you’re interested in a place on our next bootcamp or if you’d like to know more about our digital marketing training, then get in touch.