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Anicca AdWords Bootcamp: Day Four

Written by Ann Stanley on 12th February 2013

Krishna’s Blog – Day Four

ad-copy-tips-adwordsDay 4 at Anicca’s PPC Bootcamp involved an introduction to Google Analytics. We started off by learning how to track certain webpages so user interaction can be easily monitored via Analytics. It was fascinating to see how a code inputted into various web pages can trace what traffic is actually interacting with, how long they spent on that particular page and also how a user has navigated themselves to your site or a specific web page.

Throughout the day we had the chance to explore the features of Analytics and extract information about the progress of the various campaigns we then accordingly suggested changes that could be made to improve these campaigns.

Google Analytics can also tell you where your audience are from (both geographically and digitally) and whether they are a returning visitor and how many of those converted. It provides complex and interactive results to illustrate data, which makes it easy to interpret and productive.

Ann’s explanation of the Google Analytics functions made it very easy to understand how they work and what you can do with the information it gives. A good example of this is when we found a sudden rise in bounce rate on a particular page. Ann had explained that a minor change on the company website had cause their bounce rate to rise.