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Anicca AdWords Bootcamp- Day Three

Written by Ann Stanley on 12th February 2013

Kushtrim’s Blog – Day three

ad-copy-tips-adwordsDay three of Anicca AdWords boot camp really got the wheels spinning as we accelerated through the course – taking on new information whilst using what we have previously learnt over the past two days to aid us.

The team at Anicca (apart from being extrovertly friendly towards us and making us feel welcomed) demonstrates great knowledge and passion for digital marketing. Today they covered some features of eCommerce which related to our current AdWords project, teaching us how a website is operates and utilises the requirements of potential customers.

The information intake on day three has been the most extensive so far; from the use of AdWords Editor to implement Proper Groups to set up text based ads with the help of Excel. We were introduced to new methods and formulas demonstrated to us how easy mistakes could be made.

However the great thing about boot camp is the interactive learning. Ann Stanley, the MD of Anicca, has the perfect balance of being sociable and informative when conducting the boot camp. Although most of us had a good understanding of marketing terms and some aspects of online marketing, it was good to see Ann build on our foundations and slowly progress from there on – encouraging us to be practical and hands on with the tools we discovered. Their natural ability to teach is clear to see, and helps us a lot when we have her directing us.

In addition to Ann’s help, the group dynamics are strong – within three days of boot camp, we have all developed great friendships with each other and are able to learn from each. The greatest thing we all have learnt (especially today) is that mistakes will be made, and that it’s all part of the learning process.

It is the drive to understand what we are learning which makes us so eager for tomorrow.