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Anicca AdWords Bootcamp: Day Two

Written by Darren Wynn on 6th February 2013

writing ad copy tipsBhavesh’s Blog – Day Two

Eager to learn, we returned to find out more about Anicca’s insatiable appetite for digital.

We began the day with an introduction to TALC – a PPC model aimed to teach us the fundamentals of running a campaign. This would form the basis of the day’s session. Ann proceeded to explain the various steps, all the while sharing case studies of previous and existing clients.

Next, we looked at conversion tracking which, with the help of a few diagrams kept looks of confusion to a minimum, before venturing into the world of Google Ad Extensions. Here, the group was shown everything from site links to merchant center ads. It was interesting to see not only the amount of extensions offered by Google, but also the rate at which these features are updated.

Our next exercise was a practical competition that required us to create Ad Groups in pairs. After much deliberation and debate the winners were crowned and with the majority of the group beaten, we broke for lunch.

After lunch, Darren Wynn, senior account manager, guided us through the complexities of the AdWords Editor tool. He helped to dissect the highly sophisticated program, subsequently allowing us to build on the campaigns we had created on day one.

Another highly informative, highly intense day as was promised!

Bring on day three!