Anicca’s Marketing Automation Club: Launch & Lunch 15th July

Written by Ann Stanley on 3rd July 2014

We are really excited about using Marketing Automation Software (MAS) to improve the effectiveness of our own and our clients’ digital and integrated marketing.

Email marketing automation technology is already very well established in the USA and includes software from established  suppliers such as; Eloqua (Oracle), Pardot (Salesforce), Hubspot, Marketo, SalesFusion, Act-on, InfusionSoft etc.

We have decided to form our own Marketing Automation Club, so our clients and colleagues can learn how to use marketing automation and take advantage of the very cost effective software package that we are recommending for our clients.

We will be having a Lunchtime Launch of the Anicca Marketing Automation Club on Tuesday 15th July – so find out why you need to come along and join our club!

So what is Marketing Automation?

We recently started using Marketing Automation Software for our own emails, lead generation and to integrate our marketing activities. In addition Ann has recently spoke at a number of events on how you can use this technology to help grow your business.

You can learn some of the basic features and compare suppliers in this Slideshare presentation.

Selecting a MAS platform

Over the last 9 months, we have been researching and testing a range of different MAS platforms, for use by ourselves and our clients. Our research showed that  Infusionsoft was one of the most cost effective options available with a monthly package of $299, however we preferred the functionality of Act-on, even though this was going to cost nearer £500/month.

In the end we selected a MAS package, which has been specifically designed for use by Agencies.  This has a comprehensive range of features which are similar to other products that are five times more expensive.

Once we had sourced such a cost effective option, it allowed us to offer our membership and software rental at a very competitive monthly fee of £200/month (see below).  In practice this means that you will be able to use a very sophisticated MAS package for around the price of the lowest product on the market!

Below are some of the features of our MAS platform and why you need to consider using this software for your own marketing:

  • Unlimited users (in your marketing and other teams)
  • Up to 25,000 contacts (more if required)
  • 25,000 emails per month (more if required) – similar email functionality to MailChimp
  • Has an internal CRM system but can also be integrated with Salesforce and other CRM platforms
  • Reverse IP look- up so you can see who is visiting your site (similar functionality to Lead Forensics)
  • Creation of forms/landing pages for your website
  • Tracks individuals (anonymous and known) as they come to your site, giving them a lead score as they interact with you
  • Automated and drip campaigns which you pre-program
  • Integration with AdWords, Analytics and webinar software
  • Social publishing tools coming soon

How the Marketing Automation Club works?

Introduction to MAS and getting started (5-day training boot camp)

We are running 5-day MAS boot camp to help you understand and set-up your software. The first boot camp starts on the 4th August and will cost £1000+VAT (but existing clients will get a 25% discount).

During the week will demonstrate all the main techniques and we will help you to set up your own software for  your website and marketing campaigns.

Free Months Trial

At the end of the boot camp you can use our software for one month free of charge. At the end of the free trial, you can then decide whether you want to continue using the software and therefore whether you want to become a full member of the Marketing Automation Club.

Monthly membership

By becoming a member you can continue using the software and get access to our MAS services at a discounted rate*:

  • Monthly membership is £200/month, which includes the software license fee.
  • We are offering significant discounts for existing clients (Standard £150/month, Premium £100/month)
  • You can also undertake additional 1-2-1 consultancy or training days on advanced topics and/or how to help you customise your software to your own processes

If you decide to leave the MA Club, or you are no longer working with us on other projects, you can still continue to use the software but we will be charged a monthly fee of £250

Launch of the Marketing Automation Club (and free lunch!)

We are inviting all our clients and contacts to a Lunch and Launch event on July 15th at our new offices at the Crescent in Leicester.

During the lunchtime event, we will explain how you can use Marketing Automation Software to improve your marketing and sales processes; and the benefits of joining our Marketing Automation Club.  We will also provide a buffet lunch and a glass of wine!

If you have any questions or you want to book your place on the Marketing Automation Club Lunch and Launch then please complete the form on our contact page.

Posted by Ann Stanley