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Hello… I’m the new girl!

Written by Bakti Jethwa on 20th June 2016


So blog writing is nothing new for me. Over the last few years, I have authored a bountiful number of blog posts offering tips, tricks, and trends in the Social Media industry. That’s simple. However, I find writing about myself slightly trickier… a little awkward and embarrassing. So please, bear with me.

A few basics about me, and my story into Social

My name is Bakti Jethwa, and I am Anicca’s new Social Media Manager. I entered the world of social and digital marketing almost 3 years ago, heading to the bright lights of London to work as an Intern for an excellent Social Media Agency. And I never looked back. I immediately took to the industry like a duck to water and have been obsessed about Social Media since. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by some incredibly smart people in my career, who nurtured my passion for social data, insight and the role of social in lead generation.

Now if you were to meet me in person, you may not immediately think, she looks like a B2B marketer (not to make any stereotypes of what a typical B2B marketer should look like). I have big, bouffant, back-combed hair, and LOVE makeup. But don’t let the façade fool you. I have been fortunate enough to have worked on a number of successful lead generation campaigns, for impressive clients including Thomson Reuters, IBM, and Warwick Business School, to name a few.

Having enjoyed a few years of the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle of London, I was ready to come back home to Leicester to be with my family. And that brings me to my journey to Anicca. Having worked for an agency which advocated data-driven decision making for clients, I was so thrilled to have discovered an agency in Leicester that followed the same data-driven ethos that Anicca has.

I really look forward to the journey I have ahead of me at Anicca, working with a fabulously talented team of bright minds!