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Hi! The name’s Karan, I’m new to the Anicca team!

Written by Karan on 15th January 2015

Anicca New Recruit

For the last few months I’ve been interning at Anicca getting to grips with SEO and Content related goodness. I officially started as an SEO executive from January 2015!

What I’ve done

So, I suppose you could say I’ve dabbled in a number of things, I’ve done some work at The Curve Theatre, and I’ve also worked on a project for Connexions Leicester helping local youths developing an online show for young people.

I’ve been running a film-based website,, since 2009, which I write film reviews and analysis for, and has become my pet project over the last few years. I have a personal blog I maintain, where I’ll talk about whatever is on my mind, reflect and generally just type whatever comes out of my fingertips.

Besides these things, I have a YouTube channel, I’ve written a feature length script, and made a film. I’m also writing a book.

So, not a lot, but I’ve dabbled.

Searching for Something Special

For a very long time I was trying to find a job that I’d be happy in. I had voluntary positions before, and although they were good, none of them gave me a sense of accomplishment the way working here does. Searching for the ‘right’ job is never an easy task, because it becomes more than just looking at financial implications; rather seeing what you can see yourself doing for a number of years to come.

I’m a firm believer in doing what you love, which is why I became an intern as a content writer at Anicca. It took a little time, but it was worth the long wait.

I wasn’t happy with the job I was in, I didn’t want to do a job because I HAD to. I wanted to do a job because I loved what I did.

Me and Everything in Between

A little about me – reading, watching films, Xbox-ing and the biggest one, writing – is what I enjoy doing. SEO is now a part of this list, as it’s now become a large part of my life.

As well as all of this, I’m also getting married in 6 months!

My passions include watching films, I have a library of over 300 which I revisit every so often, writing in my blog,, where I log my thoughts and views on various topics.

There’s much more to me than those things, I’m on Twitter @Movievillekazed so drop me a line!