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Meet Cody, the New Anicca Intern

Written by Cody on 17th June 2016

Hi, my name is Cody, and I’m the new intern here at Anicca. While here on a six-week internship, I will be doing a variety of work with the content, SEO, and PPC teams, along with whatever else comes my way.

About Me

I’ve recently completed my university studies, which carried me across the US, then to Germany, before finally finishing here in Leicester, where I studied Advertising & Marketing Communications at De Montfort University. I’ve been involved in digital for several years, having managed a blog for a content module here at DMU and worked a PPC internship back in the States. In my free time, I love playing music, primarily as a drummer. I have also curated a few too many playlists, as I believe anything can be made better with a great soundtrack.

As an intern, one of the most exciting aspects of this Anicca opportunity is the ability to get hands-on experience across their service range, from content to PPC and SEO, all while discovering which aspects I want to immerse myself into for a career. After all, the best way to discover your skillset is to jump straight in and see where the journey takes you, and few internships offer as wide a range of experiences and learning potential as Anicca’s.

Why Digital Marketing?

I’ve been interested in marketing ever since I was a little kid on a skateboard in rural New York (yes, there really is an entire state surrounding New York City), as I realized the product differentiation with skateboarding came almost entirely from marketing. This “aha!” moment kicked off an insatiable desire to learn about the industry, so I’ve been working marketing positions and doing agency work as frequently as possible. Having ranged from paid search and content management to Google Analytics and copywriting, I am keen on working in as many aspects of marketing as I can while searching for my niche in the industry.