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Google AdWords PPC Training – Ann Stanley teaching at Figaro Digital training events in October

Written by Ann Stanley on 27th September 2010

PPC training

In continuing our relationship with Figaro Digital, Ann Stanley will be teaching two Pay Per Click seminars as part of the forthcoming Figaro Digital Marketing Academy.

PPC training day 1:

The first of these training days – PPC Foundation (Basic) Training Day – will be held on Monday 18th October at The Hospital Club in London.  The PPC Foundation course will cover:

  • The basic principles of pay per click – The difference between paid search and organic search, the various paid search systems, when to use pay per click etc…
  • Google Quality Score – What it is and how it influences your AdWords campaign
  • PPC objectives and planning – What do you want to achieve from your PPC campaigns, how to design the most effective campaign and ad group structure
  • Guide to creating your Google AdWords account – Keyphrase research and match type, writing effective ad copy, selecting landing pages  and how to monitor these, tracking conversions and linking your Adwords account with Analytics
  • How to use Google Editor to set-up multiple campaigns – Download and use Google Editor, setting up your PPC account with Editor, Keyword Grouper tool and how to clone campaigns
  • The different campaign options – Geo-targeting, search and content networks, different devices, ad scheduling, ad extensions, automated bidding options
  • Practical review of the set-up of delegates PPC campaigns

This day-long course will help you develop a thorough understanding of all the different PPC technologies and techniques that help to drive ROI.  So whether you are totally new to pay per click, use an agency or have set-up your own campaigns, this course will provide essential information and tips to make sure you avoid the common, and expensive, PPC mistakes.

PPC training day 2:

The second training day, also held at The Hospital Club, will be on Thursday 21st October and is entitled PPC Advanced Training Day.  As the name suggests, this course is for those who attended the PPC Foundation Training Day, or are already comfortable with the level of knowledge provided in the foundation course.

The advanced pay per click course will go into more detail on how to optimise your account on an ongoing basis in order to maximise ROI.  This includes a host of techniques to improve your Quality Score and conversions as well as introducing you to the different bidding strategies available in AdWords.

  • Introduction and summary of key points from day 1
  • How to optimise your campaigns to achieve more clicks from your budget – Setting campaign objectives and goals, in-depth understanding of Google Quality Score, importance of keyphrase and ad copy relevancy, adding negative keywords, the importance of click through rates
  • Bidding and budgets – Different strategies employed to manage your budget, amount you will actually pay, bidding techniques and the importance of ad positions, how to use automated bidding tools
  • How to achieve the maximum number of conversions from your clicks – calculating your cost per conversions, how to use  conversion funnels and Analytics data, how to to optimise for conversions, improving landing pages
  • Strategies to match the levels of traffic and budget – low budget? – learn how to concentrate your efforts on the most cost effective traffic, low traffic levels? – learn how to increase visibility and CTR
  • Google AdWords new features – New advertising channels (click to call etc), new tools and features in the dashboard
  • Rival Paid Search and display ad options
  • Introduction to Paid Social advertising platforms
  • Practical insights using delegates PPC campaigns

With so much information on offer over both days, these PPC training courses are an absolute must for anyone whose business relies upon pay per click advertising.

If you would like to register for either of these PPC training courses, you can do so at the Figaro Digital website.