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New Integrated PR Service – Conversations

Written by Bhavesh on 7th January 2015

Conversations Logo


At Anicca we’re constantly developing our services to keep up with the ever changing world of digital (and offline, for that matter) marketing. Our latest offering, Public Relations, seemed like a logical step towards bridging the gap between online and offline brand authority.

Sitting alongside the already hugely successful content marketing department, our new PR service, called Conversations, will integrate seamlessly into your digital marketing strategy with an aim to fully align your brand messages and to reach your target market through carefully crafted media campaigns. It will build upon traditional PR tactics by using the agency’s technical expertise to provide relevant, creative content and incentives for customer engagement.


Who’s in charge

Caroline Spence

Never settling for anything but the best, Anicca have employed PR expert Caroline Spence to head up the new department. Caroline’s previous PR experience includes working for national consumer lifestyle brands as part of teams at Grayling and Webner Shandwick. Caroline’s extensive knowledge of this industry and contacts within the media world have already proven valuable for two of Anicca’s largest clients, and there’s yet more to come!


The name

“Conversations” depicts an era of marketing that favours the fluidity of two-way communication between brand and consumer. According to Caroline “PR is no longer about a one-way distribution of information from companies to the media and their customers, it’s a dialogue, with ideas, feedback and data passing between all parties involved. Hence, Conversations – it’s about listening, talking and storytelling.”

She continues “Many e-commerce brands rely solely on paid-for online traffic without considering how raising brand awareness amongst target audiences through a variety of communication channels can improve performance. At Anicca, we are combining the science and technology behind online search with the creative content to drive engagement, and ultimately sales.  This integrated approach will provide economies of scale, make content work harder and maximise opportunities both online and offline.”

“If you would like to hear your brand on the radio,  see interviews in newspapers and magazines or even be interviewed on television, and want to know how this can drive online traffic, then you need to talk to us.”


Want to know more?

If your brand is in need of some clear direction or you would like to strengthen your digital marketing strategy with a better offline presence then get in touch!