Reporting and CRO


PR Techniques & Practices You Can Implement Now (Friday 28th May, 9:00am)

In this week’s webinar, Amy Hayward-Paine will look at how businesses can keep a positive reputation, how to avoid issues, and managing a PR crisis. Using real-life examples, the webinar will explore best practices and templates that can be used to support reputation management planning and outreach

Bringing together Google Analytics and Data Studio for Website Analysis (12th March)

This webinar presented by Ed Truman, will explain the techniques used to combine Google Analytics (including GA4), Google Tag Manager and Data Studio for gathering user insight from your website. Topics covered include measurement strategy, setting up website funnels for funnel analysis, user segmentation, retention reporting, page attribution and channel

Turning marketing leads into sales – top tips of the trade (5th February)

In this webinar, Angela Padfield, business development manager at Anicca; will share her insights as to what makes a great salesperson. With over 25 years in sales, she will explain how to: – Identify your perfect customer – Open the sale –  Demonstrate your unique selling points – Spot opportunities

Making use of web analytics to surface customer insights (1st May)

Ed Truman, head of Analytics at Anicca Digital, presented our first webinar in May. This was a practical interactive workshop based on how to use Google Analytics (GA), to give attendees useful practical insight on how they can do this analysis themselves. Ed will unpack the most useful data metrics