SEO & Content Marketing


Writing content for the web: a non-technical approach (12th February)

In this week’s webinar, Mark Janes, our Content Account Manager, will look at ways in which you can approach writing content for your website. Mark takes the approach of writing as a creative process which works in tandem with the more technical aspects of digital marketing, as well as applying

Getting started with Google My Business Pages & local SEO (25th September)

In this webinar, Brad Longman, Technical SEO Account Manager, discusses how to get started with Google My Business Pages (GMB) and local search engine optimisation (local SEO). This webinar is for businesses that are looking to drive traffic to their website or their local premises (e.g. store or office), so

SEO tasks you can do in your pyjamas (Friday 15th May)

Sukh Singh – head of SEO at Anicca Digital, will present a series of SEO tips and tasks that you can do from home. He will provide a quick introduction to the key elements to search engine optimisation and then do a deep-dive into actions that you can do today.