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CIM 24 – Why Social Search (& TikTok) is set to be the hottest trend in 2024

Ann Stanley is a regular speaker at the annual conference of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). During the July conference, she shared the latest data and insights on how recent innovations and changes in search behaviour will transform Google forever. In 2024, social search is set to revolutionise how

Getting started with LinkedIn advertising: A step-by-step guide (30th October)

Bakti Jethwa presented a beginner’s guide on how to set up an advertising campaign on LinkedIn to achieve various campaign objectives such as brand awareness, driving website traffic and lead generation. The webinar covers the following topics; Why LinkedIn advertising? A step-by-step walkthrough to setting up your first campaign, and

11 tips for using Instagram for business (23rd October)

In this webinar, Elona Jetullahu, presents 11 top tips for using Instagram for Business. Whether you are new to Instagram or you have been working on your Instagram business page for ages, then this webinar will give you insights on how you can master your Instagram business page and every