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Leicester Business Festival – Digital Marketing: Paid Techniques to Grow Your Business Now – PPC Ads in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn (Thursday, Nov 18 at 9:00 AM)

Anicca Digital will present a practical webinar on how to grow your business using paid digital advertising channels. This will include tips on finding your audience, paid search (Google & Bing ads) paid social (Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn etc), and other paid digital advertising techniques that will get you leads or sales

CRM for beginners (Friday 24th September, 9:00am)

In this week’s webinar Mark Janes will bring his experience to look at how CRM can fit within your organisation, the implications of the introduction of CRM, what to look for in various packages, how to get maximum leverage from your system and how CRM integrates with other topic areas

Creating Content for SEO & PR (Friday 2nd July, 9:00am)

In this week’s webinar, Sarah Ross will be presenting fundamentals and general practices for creating content. Agenda The importance of content How to audit your existing content Developing content for SEO & PR Tools & tactics for ideation The role of content in link building