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Introducing Our New PPC Executive – Kushtrim Jetullahu

Written by Darren Wynn on 10th May 2013


Hi, I’m Kushtrim, the new PPC executive at Anicca Digital. As I’ve now come to the end of my first week here I thought I’d write a quick post to introduce myself and describe what life is like at Anicca. So here goes….

The transition from university life to working life is often a big step. No longer can you afford to stay up late and wake up at any time of the day, but rather it’s earlier nights and earlier wake up calls (with the assistance of the alarm clock!).

Having completed a Business and Management degree from De Montfort University I was very keen to get into the world of marketing. Fortunately I was lucky enough to be a part of Anicca’s two week boot camp where they looked for new Pay Per Click (PPC) Account Executives to join their growing business. A few months down the line and I am now an official member of the Anicca Digital team!

As a PPC Account Executive my job role is to assist the Account Managers – who with their knowledge and know-how have been to able to teach me to understand how to work on a client’s account. My workload usually involves doing account checks to see how accounts are performing, optimising accounts and writing up reports. A typical day for me at Anicca would involve checking the accounts – going through a search term report to see what keywords can be added to an account and what keywords need to be filtered out by using negatives. Anicca has a great office atmosphere. Everyone around the office is friendly and there is a clear team spirit – be it worked related or non work related; whenever I know I am not sure on something I am able to call upon an Account Manager who helps me in a clear and concise manner.

One interesting aspect of working for a digital marketing agency which does PPC is the fact that we have to take Google AdWords exams; having finished school and university I thought my exam taking days were over, however these exams are a great way for me to develop my knowledge on the industry I’m working in (and they’re not that hard ;-)). Thanks to all the help the Account Managers provided me, I was able to develop a greater understanding of Google AdWords, and as well as the revision I did I passed my Google AdWords Fundamentals exam. I now hope to take the Search Advanced exam in the coming week or so.

I have been fortunate enough to find a job that is enjoyable, in a good working environment with friendly co-workers. For now I’m focused on acquiring more PPC knowledge and hopefully blogging more about my personal growth in the online marketing world.