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Email marketing automation - integrated marketing for nurturing prospects

Most marketing managers will run their own email campaigns using software like MailChimp or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like Salesforce. Although email marketing is an effective technique for generating sales or leads, it has generally been regarded as a single channel, rather than being integrated with other software or allowing workflows and sequential messaging.

Over the last few years, the traditional functionality of email and CRM software have been evolving into a new generation of Marketing Automation Software (MAS), which offers additional tools to integrate sales and marketing processes.

At Anicca we have been using email marketing automation for our clients' and our own marketing for nearly five years. Having tested several platforms, we currently use the SharpSpring software due to its extensive range of functionality and low monthly cost.

Our email and marketing automation services

To help you use email marketing and MAS in your business, Anicca has developed a range of consultancy, management, reporting and training services to help you use the software within your sales and marketing team.

New users of email and MAS software

If you have limited or no experience of using email or MAS software, then we can audit and assess your sales and marketing processes to determine whether our SharpSpring software would help you to improve these processes.

Once we have mapped out your processes, then we can help you implement the software and then provide the ongoing management on your behalf. Depending on your internal resources, we can also train your team, so that you can manage the processes and software yourself.

Experienced users of email and MAS software

We can take over the management of your existing email, marketing automation or CRM system. Our team have experience of running campaigns across multiple platforms, including MailChimp, SharpSpring, HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce etc.

If you prefer we can help you implement our software SharpSpring, as this is a very cost-effective option with a lot of additional functionality (see below).

We can train your team to use the software and manage it on your behalf. We can also provide customised reporting to integrate data from our CRM software with your Analytics reports.

The key elements of Marketing Automation Software (MAS)

Below is an overview of the key elements of MAS.

 List managment and/or CRM

  • Internal CRM system with contact manager in the MAS
  • Integration with 3rd party CRM systems
  • Upload existing lists into MAS
  • Creation of dynamic lists within MAS

Landing page and web forms

  • Custom field creator
  • Form creator (where standard and custom fields can be added)
  • Add form to website via an i-frame
  • Creation of landing pages or integration with 3rd party software

Tracking and analytics

  • MAS uses DNS look-up to track anonymous visitors
  • Refer to a database to provide additional company information
  • History is saved, and added to customer card once they become known visitors
  • Complete history of individual retained

Email and lead generation

  • MAS has integrated email broadcasting system
  • Ability to upload own lists
  • Ability to use MAS templates or upload your own
  • Reports email performance for each email or each customer

Lead nurturing and tracking sales opportunity

  • MAS allow you to score leads based on users’ activities and behaviour
  • Integration with CRM system so that the sales team only focus on hot leads
  • Some MAS also have opportunity tracking

Automation and workflows

  • MAS software allows complex workflows based on filters and triggers
  • Workflow or task can happen immediately or be scheduled with a delay
  • Can be used purely for internal processes or as part of external communications

Integration with other software

Use of standard connectors for linking with 3rd party software:

  • CRM connectors e.g. Salesforce
  • Google Ads integration
  • WebEx and GoToMeeting
  • Gmail and other email systems
  • Call tracking software
  • Social integration

Use of API and Zapier to enable custom integration with own systems and software.

Typical elements
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