Increasing the profitability of your PPC team or digital agency – Ann Stanley’s presentation from HeroConf London 2016

Hero Conf returns to London for a second annual event, 24-26 October 2016 at etc.venues St Paul’s. Hero Conf is a gathering of digital advertising pros looking for an event that doesn’t just cover PPC, but focuses on PPC alone.

Expect a deep-dive into the content that you need to manage your account better, stay up-to-date on industry trends and generally have fun learning about the latest in paid search.

Hero Conf is London’s Only all-PPC conference, and once again brings the biggest names and brightest minds together under one roof to discuss the tactics, strategies, present and future of pay-per-click advertising.

Ann Stanley is the founder and MD of Anicca Digital, with over 15 years’ experience of online marketing spoke again at HeroConf.

How to manage capacity and increase profitability of your PPC team or digital agency

Attend this session to explore different organisational structures agencies can adopt at different stages in their development, and examine agency issues such as the size of the organisation, the diversity of services offered, and the mix of technical and client facing staff within agency teams. You will learn:

Part 1 – Evolution of agency structures

  • Skills required to manage a PPC account
  • Typical organisation structures of a PPC agency as it grows
  • Managing an agency with multiple services and channels
  • Hierarchy vs Pod (or Matrix) management

Part 2 – Improving agency profitability

  • Understanding factors that impact agency profitability
  • Use of automation to increase efficiency of PPC account management
  • Use of agency resource management software to track capacity and utilisation

Part 3 – Agency KPI and benchmark studies

  • KPI for measuring agency financial performance and efficiency
  • KPI data from Benchmarking studies

You can  view it on Slideshare below>>>