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E-Commercial Conference

The 2016 E-Commercial conference was held at the Marriott Hotel in Enderby, Leicester. 

2016's E-Commercial Conference was another brilliant year for us, as we saw a move to a larger venue and a whole host of great speakers. Speakers from 2016 included a keynote by Philip Shearer of Google plus talks from Bing, Anicca Digital, Boom, Ometria, Whoop, Web Juice, Hallam Internet and Whoop.

Topics covered all aspects of online marketing from Technical SEO, PR & Remarketing to email marketing, e-commerce web design and voice search.

The 2016 E-Commercial conference was held at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester – see some of the images below:


Download the presentations from the speakers and workshops

Humanising Search: Voice and Visual Recognition

Search has lost its way. Somewhere along the path to indexing the world’s information we forgot about the Human in the Search equation. Search engines have forced human behaviour to adapt to them rather than the other way around. Humanising search means focusing less on individual keywords and more on natural language intent. Join Bing’s James Murray for a glimpse of the future and discover how radical new voice and visual...

Improving Your Mobile eCommerce Site

James has experience in multiple disciplines of digital marketing, but after trying his hand at paid search, SEO and content marketing, James chose to develop his stills in web development. James has experience in a number CMS platforms including Prestashop, Wordpress and Magento and is familiar with a number of coding languages including HTML, CSS, XSLT, XML, PHP, MySQL. This presentation was part of E-Commercial Conference 2...

Getting The Most From Google Analytics’ Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting

This session provides tips and examples of the insights available from Enhanced Ecommerce reporting in Google Analytics. Wondering which products are most frequently removed from your shopping cart or which products have the lowest conversion rate? This session is for you! This was part of E-Commercial Conference 2016....

Remarketing Strategies

With competition intensifying in the digital sphere it has become critical for websites to re-engage with users that have shown an interest in their products/services, before their competitors do. Ann discusses the latest developments in Remarketing and shares her experience with trying to capture customers that would have previously been lost. This was a presentation from E-Commercial Conference 2016....

Five Customer Lifecycle Campaigns Every Retailer Should Be Running

James Dunford Wood, Chief Customer Officer from Ometria, looks at five automated email campaigns that help boost retention rates and revenues, using concrete examples that have worked for Ometria's clients. This was part of the E-Commercial Conference 2016....

Social Commerce

Having previously worked for brands such as New Look, Joules, PepsiCo and Triumph International, Samantha brings her experience of delivering effective social media strategies for both SMEs and global corporations to Anicca. A strong believer in the power of social insight in driving brand value, her data driven approach works in tandem with both SEO and PR in turning conversations into sales and customers into advocates. This...

Future Of SEO For eCommerce Websites

The talk will focus on how SERP structure has changed over the last 12 months, and how we expect it to continue to change over the next. Tips, advice and predictions will be provided on all points, focusing on businesses who have an eCommerce website. This was a presentation from E-Commercial Conference 2016....

How To Optimise Your Google Shopping Ads

Optimise Google Shopping Ads with the help of Euclid. Head Of Strategic Customer Development & Sales for Whoop!/smarter-ecommerce. This was a presentation from E-Commercial Conference 2016....

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