Tools & Technology

Tools and Technology

In creating the best campaigns possible with minimum waste and maximum effectiveness, we employ the use of a suite of professional tools. This benefits both us and our clients. When used in combination with tried and tested manual techniques, these tools provide us with invaluable data specific to a website and its competitors’, allowing us to craft sophisticated, solid strategies built for success.


A forecasting tool. It reveals the illusive ‘not-provided’ keyphrases for your website (and your competitors’) for a better, targeted view of opportunities.

Call tracking technology

This enables measurement of Return on Investment for online and offline marketing channels by assigning a unique number to each source. Great for lead generation websites, we often use this data to optimise our AdWords campaigns.

Email & Marketing Automation Software (MAS)

We can provide consultancy, training or implement marketing automation software, to help improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams

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