Technical SEO

Technical SEO builds a strong foundation for the usability and visibility of your site

Technical SEO is the process of minimising or eliminating technical issues with your site to ensure search engines can effectively and efficiently crawl and index your webpages.

Despite being the foundation on which a successful SEO campaign is built, some aspects of technical SEO tend to be under-appreciated and, in many cases, remain unidentified or unresolved for long periods of time.

This can have a detrimental effect on your organic visibility and limit the impact of the other aspects of your SEO campaign. So before developing content and building authority it can often be more beneficial to take a look ‘under the hood’ of your website and make sure there are no unidentified issues that could hamper organic performance.

Common Technical SEO issues

There are far too many potential technical issues to list them all (see our Technical SEO Essentials Guide for more on this), but some key common issues that may be harming your site’s ability to rank include:

Duplicate Content

A common issue that’s easily created. Whether it’s content duplicated on multiple pages of your own site or external domains, it’s clear that search engines such as Google, do not like it. This issue can either result in pushing your original content to the bottom of the search results in favour of the duplicated version, or dropping them out completely as a result of a penalisation by Google’s Panda algorithm.

Poor page download speeds

Users hate to wait for pages to load and therefore search engines like to reward sites that load quickly on both desktop and mobile devices. Google’s algorithm will also primarily start to consider how websites perform on mobiles starting in 2018 (termed ‘mobile-first’), so this it is more important than ever to consider.

Server response codes

Server response codes are numerical values that indicate issues relating to a specific URL. One of these are 404 errors (Page not found), which are pages search engines had previously indexed but can no longer find. This can give the appearance of a poorly maintained and managed website. Consider whether important pages such as product and category pages are missing, the resulting drop in rakings and visits can affect your bottom line. Read our comprehensive breakdown of server status codes.

XML Sitemap and Robots.txt errors

A sitemap helps search engines find and quickly index new pages on your site. They also help search engines discover if you’ve removed or added new pages, and how often pages are updated.

A robots.txt file helps to improve crawl efficiency by restricting search engines from crawling areas of your site, but a poorly formed robots.txt file can have a significantly negative impact on your organic visibility.

Our technical SEO support extends to websites serving multiple counties, where these issues can multiply due to serving multiple regions and respective local search engines. We have worked on many international SEO campaigns resolving technical issues such as GEO targeting.

Our Technical SEO process

We've developed a reputation as a technical seo agency that goes above and beyond. We've evolved our tech stack to encompass some of the leading specialist technical SEO tools. Our collective experience in technical SEO and web development enables us to craft a comprehensive analysis of the technical issues impacting your site performance.

We will discuss in detail the underlying cause of the issues in relation to the back-end system you are using (either off-the-shelf or a custom CMS) and offer detailed solutions for each. We will also prioritise issues for you by urgency, to help accommodate your internal workflows and resources.

Our audits are presented to you in a word document for the discussions and solutions of each issue, and an Excel sheet listing each page with specific issues, formatted in a way to help you find specific issues per page.

If you have internal web developers, or work with a third-party web developer, then we can supply detailed technical recommendations and provide full support as they make the necessary changes and updates. This includes re-crawling your site to ensure recommended fixes have been implemented correctly and the root cause of the problem has been addressed. Regular crawls of your site are scheduled throughout the duration of your project to identify new issues as they arise as well as ensuring the site continues to be well-maintained from a technical perspective.

If you don’t have an internal developer, or do not currently work with a web development agency then we are able to carry out the technical changes ourselves, either with our internal team or utilising partner web development agencies. All we require is the appropriate access to your back-end systems and we take care of the rest whilst providing regular updates of the fixes implemented.

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