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Audience targeting at every stage

So you’ve got your creative and posts all lined up? Well, you wouldn’t get some leaflets printed and leave them in a draw, so we need to deliver these posts to the right people that want to hear from you.



Audience targeting is arguably the most important aspect of social media as a whole, and these are the people that justify your presence on the various platforms.

The Anicca audience targeting method uses groups of users that we wish to send your message to; from generic widespread groups of users, to very specific groups that have certain characteristics or live in certain locations. 



By applying multiple targeted groups to your content, we are able to measure where your content resonates most (and least) and gives you the opportunity to manipulate messaging and content accordingly in order to maximise your opportunity. 

Reaching your audience

There are several goals and aims when it comes to incorporating social media into our marketing strategy. From increasing traffic to increasing sales, building brand recognition, or even just getting downloads, there are many motivations to why we use social media.

In order to meet these goals and aims you must first define what the right audience is for your brand. You need to know who they are, what they value, how they use each channel, and how long they interact on these channels. We can help you do this with in-depth analysis and advice.

New personas

Who do you want your content to speak to, how do you want to speak to them, and where are you going to find them.  Building a buyer persona map is the first step.

New audience

What sites are they on, how often are they own them, how can you engage with them, who are they currently following, what content appeals to them. Gather as much insight as possible.

A/B testing

Not sure if you have got the right customer persona or targeted audience for your campaign. We can run tests, compare the results, and tweak the audiences before each campaign goes live.

Optimise creativity

Is your content eye catching, well designed, and relevant to your brand? Are you using high quality videos and photos that make your brand stand out?

Why Anicca?

Our experienced and dedicated team of social media experts currently manage social media campaigns for a range of different companies and organisations.



Our team regularly carry out A/B testing on our social media output to make sure you are always targeting the right groups of users.

We plan and implement social media audiences targeting for B2C and B2B companies and help businesses like yours align their social media activity with their business goals and objectives. 

We look closely at the performance of our campaigns, measuring performance on a regular basis and adapting them in real-time based on elements that are targeted at the various audience groups.

Our Client Case Studies

"We've used the Anicca team for several projects over the last few years, from audits to training, and each time has been an absolute pleasure and a roaring success."​

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