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Our Data Studio reports & dashboards, automatically bring data direct from Analytics, Facebook & other social platforms.

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What is social media reporting?

Reports allow your team and Anicca to see where your success is and also where changes will make the biggest impact.


From return on ad spending to engagement, social media analysis and reporting gives your business a deep dive into its results on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Social Media reporting can also be linked to your analytics data and Google Data Studio reports which will display your data in real time.

Without a report, how can you effectively measure success?


Our reports give an insight into users behaviour such as:

  • what they have done with your content
  • how they have reacted
  • what audience groups are most engaged
  • where they are going from your content.

From a real-time self-service reports to a master quarterly document that is annotated and strategic approach applied, there is a social media market report for the smallest project to the largest campaign. 

How can social media reporting help?

Your data tells a story. If you are not tracking performance, how do you if your campaigns are fit for purpose? Your posts or campaigns should be generating traffic and quality leads that is why it is important to invest time into analysing your results by creating a social media marketing report.

With a social media report you will be able to work out what’s working or not and tweak your plan. Our reports look at your businesses specific key performance indicators (KPIs) across all platforms, we then provide suggestions for improvements, and highlight previous campaign successes all using your company’s data.

Goals & strategy

Setting goals and strategies helps with proving or improving the value of previous work which will in turn significantly increase your chances of achieving the aims and objectives you have set.

Analysing data

Knowing what the numbers mean can help to identify which types of content work best for your audience, how much website traffic was directed from social media or which social media campaigns resulted in conversions.

Data tracking

Its all about the numbers, that is why tracking your regular weekly, monthly, or yearly metrics can allow you to see predictions of ongoing trends such as seasonal trends and what effective it will have on your marketing plans

Social performance

Your campaigns or organic posts should be having a positive impact on current and future customers. So, knowing the right metrics for your brand are important as they can give you valuable clues

It can be time consuming to compile weekly, monthly or yearly social media analysis reports and it can be even harder to get a clear picture of what works and doesn’t work for your business.

At Anicca Digital will help you gather all your beautiful data whether it is on Google Analytics or another analytical tool across the various social media platforms to build your custom social media reporting.

Why Anicca?

Just like our ‘Let us prove it’ mantra, this is where we are the most confident. Our USP is our direct transparency and honest approach, and you simply cannot hide the figures in social media reporting. 


We are only as good as our last report, and we will get to the bottom of any rogue figure or unexpected outcome.

We use our reports to score ourselves and we share insight through the business. We notice when APIs aren’t firing correctly and re-calibrate these so results are always accurate.

We strive for growth and reputation on each channel and we go above and beyond to find changes we can make to help you achieve your KPIs.

Our Client Case Studies

"We've used the Anicca team for several projects over the last few years, from audits to training, and each time has been an absolute pleasure and a roaring success."​

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