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Social commerce and shopping

With the world of social media changing almost daily, there are new opportunities for ecommerce businesses emerging all the time.

Recent studies have shown that as many as 36% of consumers are willing to make purchases via social media, making ‘social shopping’ a potentially lucrative channel for ecommerce businesses to grow and reach new audiences.

In order to make the most of the opportunities presented by social commerce, you need a specialist agency with a proven track record of maximising ROI across different social platforms.

Our dedicated team of social media specialists will develop an effective social ecommerce campaign for your brand, positioning your products exactly where consumers are looking and helping you reach a wider audience.

Our approach…

We split social shopping into two areas – Own Channels and Third-Party Channels

Own channels

This involves leveraging your existing social media presence on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – many of which now offer shopping functions like ‘Buy’ buttons, chatbots and even shoppable videos.

Third-party channels

As well as focusing on established social media networks, we also promote your products across a variety of social shopping sites – all of which can offer unique features and an engaged community.

By utilising peer influence to inspire and convert new customers, or providing new ways for consumers to discover products, social shopping sites offer a unique opportunity for ecommerce businesses.

As a data-driven digital agency, we rely on constant research and testing to create effective bespoke strategies that suit your individual business needs.

Our experience, coupled with our data-centric approach, takes the guesswork out of social media and enables us to deliver successful campaigns that meet your business objectives.

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