Leicester Digital Live 2023 boasts over 10 expert speakers covering a range of interesting talks and topics with actionable insights, on the exciting theme of AUTOMATION & INTEGRATION.
We will publish the agenda shortly. Slides from the speakers’ presentations will be added after the event.
We will also broadcast the recordings as a series of webinars.

Meet the Team - Ann Stanley

Anicca Digital - Ann Stanley (Host)

Details of this presentation:

Staying ahead of technical innovations that can really mess with your marketing performance

Ann explains the technqiues used to win 3 categories at the UK Paid media awards, for the work carried out on Books2door.com, where we maximised paid social advertsing (using Meta) by using server-side tracking and the Meta conversion API.  Ann also show how tracking in Meta Ads Manager differs to GA3 and GA4, and how revenue increased in direct and organic search, due to wrongly attributed tracking and assisted conversions.



Ann is the Founder and CEO of Anicca Digital. Ann has worked in digital marketing since 2002. She is mainly responsible for digital marketing consultancy and training. As a result she is constantly striving to keep up to date and also likes to share the knowledge and practical experience of the team by speaking at workshops, conferences and other events (including the likes of SMX, SES, PPCHero, Ecommerce Expo, etc)


Broadhurst Digital - Martin Broadhurst

Details of this presentation:

How To Use A.I. In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you curious about how you can use artificial intelligence (A.I.) in your digital marketing strategy? In this talk, we’ll explore how A.I. can be used to create content, personalise campaigns, and more.



Martin Broadhurst is a digital sales and marketing consultant who specialises in A.I., automation and the digital customer experience. He is a CIM Marketing tutor and a self-proclaimed Kebab connoisseur. Martin has over a decade of experience working with clients in a variety of industries. He has focused on helping businesses harness the power of A.I. and automation to improve their sales and marketing performance.

Anicca - Rachel Cryan

Details of this presentation:

How you can skyrocket your sales with TikTok shop


Rachel is an account director at Anicca specialising in social media


Worderist.com - Hannah Smith

Details of this presentation:

Pattern recognition & other stories (or, how our biological brains really work)


I offer creative content consultancy, content strategy, and training to agencies and inhouse teams.

Over a five and half year period at Distilled, I was part of the creative team which delivered over 14,000 pieces of linked coverage.

For close to three years, I led the creative and PR team at Verve Search. In that time I was responsible for launching more than 150 creative content pieces which generated over 8,250 pieces of linked coverage.

I offer consultancy, training, and ongoing support to develop teams, improve processes and deliver results.


Semrush - Fernando Angulo

Details of presentation: Ecommerce Trends 2023



With over ten years of experience in digital marketing, Fernando has established himself as a highly knowledgeable professional in the field. He currently holds the position of Senior Market Research Manager at Semrush Inc., a renowned SaaS platform specializing in online visibility management. Additionally, Fernando has been interviewed live on media platforms like CNBC, Bloomberg, and FoxNews, where he has shared his expertise on Data Analytics. Having accumulated this wealth of experience, Fernando is equipped to deliver exceptional results and lead organizations to success as a skilled and dynamic marketing professional.

GYDA - Neil Collard

Details of this presentation:

The future of search in a world of generative AI



 As a digital agency leader and strategist, Neil has spent 25 years shaping and delivering digital strategies for some of the UK’s largest brands, such as Audi, British Airways, Levi’s and The Royal Navy. He now applies that experience in supporting ambitious digital agency leaders serious about growing their agency and developing their offer with a particular focus on data and AI-driven products.

InLinks - Dixon Jones

Details of this presentation:

What is InLinks and why is it different from the way other SEO tools work? How can you use the system to get ahead online?

InLinks was conceived after Google purchased MetaWeb (who owned Freebase). This is a long way round to say that all tools before this did not based their methodology on Knowledge Graphs. This mean the way InLinks makes SEO recommendations is a more modern approach. The talk will show you how Google uses Knowledge Graphs to understand content and how you can as well.InLinks was conceived after Google purchased MetaWeb (who owned Freebase). This is a long way round to say that all tools before this did not based their methodology on Knowledge Graphs. This mean the way InLinks makes SEO recommendations is a more modern approach.
The talk will show you how Google uses Knowledge Graphs to understand content and how you can as well.


Author of “Entity SEO” and CEO of the Semantic SEO SAAS toolset, Inlinks.com. Previously the marketing director of Majestic.com and and SEO specialist since 1999. In 2012 Dixon was named Search Personality of the Year and then many years later was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award – the first UK SEO to be given the accolade. Dixon cofounded InLinks in 2019 which is changing the way SEOs look at and manage their SEO.

Similar.ai - Robin Allenson

Details of this presentation:

From Manual to Automated: SEO Success with Recipes

Discover how our intelligent SEO platform’s automation ingredients and recipes have driven remarkable rankings and traffic growth. Topics include automation, no-code SEO, keyword research, Google Search Console, ChatGPT, site maps, SERPs, faceted navigation, linking, and more.



Robin is the CEO & Co-founder at Similar.ai. He is passionate about empowering in-house SEOs to scale large enterprises. The company’s mission is to clean up, prioritise, and enrich your website to optimise your crawl budget effectively. Robin has successfully founded, built and exited InnerBalloons, helping small-to-medium businesses get found more easily by appearing where their customers were looking for them, using AI. 
Sandra Varley

Interflora - Sandra Varley

Details of this presentation:

The Christmas countdown starts now – for integrated marketing campaigns! 

Hear Sandra’s top tips for maximising the festive season with creative Email, Direct Mail and SMS automated and segmented consumer marketing campaigns. 



 Sandra is an accomplished growth marketeer with a passion for delivering amazing customer products and experiences. She has worked for several brands; Harrods, John Lewis, Boots and currently leading the Flying Flowers brand at Interflora British Unit in Sleaford. She is also a florist, dog lover and a big fan of hiking holidays. An advocate for consumer-focused marketing and innovative strategies, she’s an imaginative problem solver who inspires her colleagues. Sandra takes pride in nurturing in-house talent and promoting their personal growth and career success. Sandra’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious. Beyond that, she’s a rare breed of excellent operator & executor, as well as a strategic thinker a great leader.

The Marketing Autopilots - Chris Dillon

Details of this presentation:


The Fortune In The Follow-Up: Using WhatsApp & Email Automation To Convert More Leads To Sales

Exploring why it is essential as a business in 2023 to have a robust and automated customer journey, including how to automate outbound WhatsApp conversations and convert more leads. 


With 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Chris has become a leading expert in WhatsApp & email automation to help business owners convert more leads into sales, and spend more time working on their business not in it.